X Marks the Spot/ silver Gelatin print/ 2019

Above is a picture of a object found at River Rd and Union Ave in Passaic NJ, the exact location where Robert Smithson got off the bus in his essay, A Tour of the Monuments of Passaic, New Jersey. In an attempt to walk the same path as him, I started at this location only to find a street sign ripped half way to form a tri-leg structure. When I encountered this object, I experienced a suspended moment of judgement in which I had to pick apart and deduce, using intuition, what this object was and how it arrived at this particular location. The location's significance and the form of the street sign hint towards a thoughtfully placed art object, but ultimately, it is unclear whether this object is accidental or intentional.

Reproduction of a found object / street sign post, no parking sign/ 2019